Not so sure, so-sure and sure walked into a bar…

Cycle Syndicate, the trading name of Syndico Limited, that operated an online P2P platform to enable members to register themselves in syndicates of fellow members and insure their bicycles is now redirecting site visitors to what may potentially be the US presence of so-sure.



You try.


With Cycle Syndicate, full payouts weren’t guaranteed. It was invitation-only and all syndicate members we’re connected through trusted friends, colleagues or club members. However, if a member didn’t make their contribution to a valid claim, there wasn’t a legal recourse against them and the claimant would lose out on that contribution. In turn, Cycle Syndicate would identify and ban any person that let down their fellow members in this way.



Speaking of so-sure, thinking of Sure, a bot that curated the most Instagrammed food & drink spots. It officially launched on March 30, 2017 and is officially closed as of October 2017, in part because of (1) slow user growth, (2) no feasible business model and a divided attention between B2C and B2B, which resulted in lost focus, and (3) at least one wrong assumption; “when people discovered the bot and hit ‘Get started’, 90% of the time they were not hungry or looking for a place to eat, which we wrongly assumed.”


This is Sure:


This too is Sure:


And these are some of the challenges around building chatbots, according to cofounder Juraj Pal: