Northern Exposure: Jetty Welcomes Alaska!


We always wanted a big backyard; now we’ve got the biggest.


Fun facts about the great state of Alaska.

  • It has more coastline than all 50 states combined.


  • There’s a law that prohibits giving beer to moose.
    (The very fact that this is a law that needed to be put on the books makes Alaska even more awesome.)


  • Summer days are so long, crops like broccoli and cabbage can grow to record-setting sizes.


  • 13-year-old boy designed the flag’s Big Dipper and North Star motif.

After calling on students throughout the territory to submit their ideas,
Alaska ultimately decided on Benny Benson’s scene of
the Big Dipper and the North Star in 1927.


  • Winter nights are so long, one lasts 67 days.


  • The state is so expansive, Rhode Island could fit into it 425 times.



Jetty Renters Insurance: now available across The Last Frontier.

We’re excited to help Alaskans sleep easier at night (including the one that’s 67 days long) knowing the things they value most are well protected.


Expensive sporting equipment or a rare piece of baleen: covered by our Valuables Power-Up — extended coverage for a few extra dollars a month for one’s most cherished and/or expensive items.


Drunken moose damage: probably not.



We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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