NFP Ventures Invests in Nubundle

NFP Ventures, the early-stage investment arm of NFP, has announced a minority investment in Nubundle, a holistic family planning and fertility services company.


Nubundle’s mission is twofold: to make family planning and fertility care accessible to all, and to redefine employers’ relationships with families by providing family planning concierge support, access to a premium network of fertility clinics with bundled discounts, and financial support through insurance. In most states, health insurance does not cover fertility treatments, yet the average cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments continues to increase. Also on the rise – the age in which individuals are starting families, creating even more of a demand for IVF. The gap in adequate financial support makes starting a family a nearly unattainable dream for many. Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey’s 2018 Infertility Trends National Survey reveals less than 20% of respondents have access to employer-provided fertility treatment benefits, and 57% indicate they would change their place of employment for better treatment options.

“NFP provides solutions that better employees’ lives personally as well as professionally. For many, a deeply personal goal is starting a family, a process that has become increasingly costly and confusing when fertility treatment is required. We are thrilled to invest in Nubundle, a market entrant that is innovating the family planning and fertility space. We believe in access to affordable and all-encompassing benefits packages that provide for employees, their families and future family members.” – Managing Director of NFP Ventures, Shawn Ellis.