Next launches Built By Business to help small businesses get back to work

As small businesses continue to wait for signs of economic hope, Next Insurance, a national business insurance provider, is announcing a new program to help put small business owners back to work. Next Insurance’s Built By Business initiative will give entrepreneurs extra time and resources to get back on their feet by hiring them to do what they do best – build, create, and inspire.

Built By Business will designate over $250,000 originally intended for production of the company’s first national advertising campaign, and re-allocate it to support small businesses. Approximately 50 businesses that have been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis will be hired to deliver commissions in-line with their skillsets, delivering work that inspires others, supports their communities, and helps Next refocus its brand. A select group will then be showcased in an advertisement providing visibility in their respected marketplaces.

“Next Insurance has a core mission to serve small businesses to the best of our ability,” said Next Insurance CMO, Melanie Chase. “We are seeing first-hand how much businesses are hurting as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and know what they really want is to get back to work. Shifting marketing dollars back into the small business economy is a better way for us to do our part to help.”

This initiative comes on the heels of an industry-leading call-to-action by the company’s CEO, Guy Goldstein. Next Insurance’s efforts to help support small businesses include:

  • An extension of its April 25% premium reduction through May for general liability, professional liability and commercial auto policyholders (subject to state approvals)
  • Involvement in Stand for Small powered by American Express, a coalition that brings together valuable services, offers and access to tools and expertise for millions of U.S. small businesses
  • Joining forces with GoDaddy and more than 30 other leading brands as part of the #OpenWeStand movement, to provide resources, tools and insights to small businesses

“It’s easy for companies to say ‘We’re all in this together’, but for it to be truly impactful, companies that can help, need to help,” said Next Insurance CEO Guy Goldstein. “Our priority needs to be on concrete efforts that provide relief to small businesses struggling to make ends meet and ensure that they can stay open.”