New version of MoneyGuide integrated into Covr

Covr Financial Technologies and Envestnet MoneyGuide announced the launch of Covr’s digital platform integration within the MoneyGuideElite financial planning software product and the lifetime insurance block within the MyBlocks digital, client engagement financial wellness solution. This partnership combines the power of Covr’s digital insurance platform with the industry’s leading financial planning software to allow financial advisors to better meet their clients’ changing life insurance needs over time. Life insurance protection is a critical component of a comprehensive financial plan.

With Envestnet MoneyGuide’s most recent update, the lifetime view functionality allows financial advisors to see how life insurance affects their clients’ financial plans, now and throughout the course of their life. Advisors can make projections and see recommendations within MoneyGuide, and then complete the application process online via Covr’s industry-leading digital platform.

“Life insurance protection is a vital part of any comprehensive financial plan, and Covr and Envestnet MoneyGuide are thrilled to be teaming up to make this easier and less time-consuming for financial advisors,” said Todd Ruplinger, founder and Chief Innovation Office at Covr. “Our mission is to make sure as many families are protected as possible, and this is a big step toward that goal.”

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this enhanced lifetime protection as a natural outcome of a financial plan in both MoneyGuideElite and MyBlocks,”said Tony Leal, President of Envestnet MoneyGuide. “Our continuing partnership and integration with Covr enhances this capability even more by allowing advisors to easily complete recommended life insurance applications online. It’s a perfect match.”

This integration between two financial technology leaders gives financial advisors the ability to easily analyze their clients’ life insurance needs, track those needs over the course of their lifetime, view solutions and coverage options, and submit the application quickly and easily through Covr’s digital platform.