New product, tech offerings from Sureify promise big wins for life insurers

LifetimeAGENT, CoreCONNECT create much-needed tech capabilities in the life insurance industry, allowing traditional carriers to modernize processes.

SAN JOSÉ, Calif, September 8, 2022 – Life insurers have been challenged for decades to upgrade their legacy systems and meet the needs of today’s digital marketplace. Sureify, the global insurtech innovator recognized for reinventing processes for life and annuity carriers, continues creating solutions for this challenge within the industry. Today, Sureify premiered the ultimate agent digital experience with their launch of LifetimeAGENT and CoreCONNECT.

Sureify was already known for building, feature-rich web and mobile applications. While doing this, they saw a need to innovate around insurers’ back-end systems. Their goal was to present real-time, sub-second data views and transactions across a full book of business while avoiding the traditional, brittle approach of building single-use data feeds. The new technology would result in giving agents, customers and carriers full digital experiences similar to those in other industries. CoreCONNECT is Sureify’s behind-the-scenes solution to create those experiences. It’s a new way to ingest, synthesize, store, and present data from various core systems, APIs, and purpose-built file feeds.

“CoreCONNECT is a digital experience engine for the life insurance industry that lets carriers deliver robust transactional support for web and mobile users in a scalable, efficient way,” Sureify’s CTO Ben Brantley said. “The unique design powers carriers’ web and mobile experiences, creating a coherent, faster, and richer data and process plane over which carriers, agents, and policyholders can view and transact.”

CoreCONNECT’s orchestration engine makes it possible for the system to seamlessly adapt to insurance carrier system evolutions and business process improvements. This innovation is unmatched in the industry.

“At Sureify, we partner with life insurers to level the digital playing field, giving them the same digital tools as the insurance industry’s emerging startups,” Sureify’s Founder and CEO, Dustin Yoder said. “CoreCONNECT is a win for every life carrier who has questioned whether the investment in their back-end systems is worth it.”

 As traditional agents begin using this upgraded technology, it benefits everyone. “LifetimeAGENT gives agents a better way to manage their book of business, which improves carriers’ bottom lines,” Yoder said. “Plus, customers make more informed buying decisions, leading to better experiences. These benefits will be apparent almost immediately, with continual improvements as the products are integrated.”

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About Sureify

Sureify’s mission is to modernize the life insurance industry by helping carriers acquire, service and engage their customers through any distribution channel with one digital, low-code enterprise platform: Lifetime. Sureify’s products–LifetimeACQUIRE, LifetimeAGENT, LifetimeENGAGE, LifetimeSERVICE and CoreCONNECT–provide insurers with the innovative tech tools they need to advance within the life insurance industry. These tools empower carriers, agents, employees and customers within the life insurance realm to have the digital experiences workers and consumers have come to expect in the current rapidly advancing tech climate. Sureify’s diverse team works to continually bring the most advanced thinking, approaches and solutions to the insurance industry. Learn more at

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