Nationwide partners with Hourly

Hourly, a startup offering workers’ comp, time tracking, and payroll solutions, is partnering with Nationwide.

As part of the partnership, Hourly will serve as an MGU underwriting skilled trade businesses with mobile and hourly workers using technology “and millions of real-time data points from the Hourly platform.” Nationwide will provide the workers’ comp coverage and Hourly will make use of the data to adjust premiums.

“We’re excited to join forces with Hourly and help hardworking businesses across the country protect their employees. Workers’ comp has been hard to appraise in the past because the technology to price risk simply wasn’t there. Our collaboration with Hourly’s payroll platform sets new industry standards by prioritizing fair pricing, better overall service, and a commitment to continuous innovation. Nationwide and Hourly’s much-needed upgrades to the workers’ comp space will become the new benchmark for the industry for the mobile workforce, filling a gap that has plagued workers’ comp for far too long.” – Nationwide’s VP Dale Hoppe.