Nationwide and IMS partner on mileage-focused telematics

IMS has partnered with Nationwide to act as its technology partner for SmartMiles® pay-per-mile insurance program which also includes Nationwide’s SmartRide® discount program that launched in 2011.

“During a time of uncertainty, SmartMiles is successfully giving our customers the ability to control their auto insurance expenses with personalized pricing“, said Teresa Scharn, Vice President of Personal Lines Product Development at Nationwide. “IMS has enabled us to look at, not only miles-driven, but also to factor in driving behavior – an industry first for policyholders.“

IMS has been working with Nationwide since 2011, helping launch SmartRide which is now in 46 states plus D.C. The program gives personalized feedback for drivers to make safer driving decisions, allowing them to earn a discount of up to 40%. In 2019 Nationwide launched SmartMiles with technology provided by IMS, providing customers with a pay-per-mile auto insurance solution.

“IMS has worked with Nationwide to expand the SmartMiles pay-per-mile program across the United States,“ said Bob Skerrett, CEO of Insurance at IMS. “We are delighted to expand our partnership with Nationwide to include two major telematics insurance programs SmartMiles and SmartRide. We look forward to working with Nationwide in the future.“

“IMS is excited to be the technology provider for Nationwide’s SmartMiles consumer offering,” said Nino Tarantino, CEO of IMS (Americas). “Our mileage-based product leverages the power of our device-agnostic IMS DriveSync platform – in this case, using our market-leading OBD-II performance to deliver mileage-based driver analysis from policyholder to insurer. Policyholders pay for the miles driven and insurers get accurate vehicle usage intelligence.”