N26 Launches N26 Business Black

N26 , the Allianz X-backed provider of mobile banking services, has introduced N26 Business Black, a premium version of its N26 Business account for freelancers and self-employed individuals.



Based on customer feedback, N26 found that “the majority of N26 business customers are digital nomads, who prefer to work from anywhere in the the world and thus highly appreciate business travel insurance.” The new account enables worldwide money withdrawal without a conversion fee, along with travel insurance by Allianz that includes mobile phone theft, ATM cash, extended warranty and purchase protection, as well as car rental insurance.


The new account will be rolled out in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Spain in the next few days and will cost €9.99 per month. Customers who sign up in the first month after launch can take advantage of perks available through N26 Business Black, such as invoicing and accounting services from Debitoor and Zervant for three months. N26 Business Black customers will also benefit from Spaces, a new feature that provides a way to set aside money based on users’ personal preferences and needs.



Last, the new account offers competitive foreign travel insurance, including mobile phone theft, ATM cash and purchase protection, as well as car rental insurance.


This makes you wonder what other products Allianz will offer N26 customers. With Spaces the insurer can reach those who are close to reaching their goal, whether it’s saving for a car, home or a wedding.