MTech Capital invests in CyberCube

Los Angeles-based MTech Capital announced its latest investment in San Francisco-based CyberCube . MTech Capital participated in the company’s $40 million Series B financing alongside Hudson Structured, ForgePoint Capital, and Stone Point Capital. (Note: this is an extension to the company’s $35 million Series B round announced in Nov. 2019).

“I’m excited to announce that venture capitalist MTech Capital and individuals from Stone Point Capital have invested in CyberCube, which augments our previously announced Series B. Their involvement in CyberCube takes the cumulative amount of capital in our Series B raise to $40 million, which will help us accelerate our role as the market-leading cyber risk analytics company serving the insurance industry.” – CyberCube CEO Pascal Millaire.

CyberCube offers a cloud-based suite of cyber risk modeling and underwriting applications to the insurance industry, enabling both portfolio-wide and individual account risk assessment. The company sells to primary insurers, re-insurers, and re-insurance brokers, all of whom require advanced technology tools to appropriately measure their exposure to cyber catastrophes and underwrite individual policies.