Mr. Big Meet Hippo

Hippo is officially live. The CA-based startup, founded by Eyal Navon and Assaf Wand, is up, running, and targeting home and condo owners in California via an insurance offering they believe is more superior….Superior in protection. Superior in prevention. Think: 4X more coverage for home & computer equipment. Appliances repair. Rebuilding cost protection (in case there’s a surge in labor and material costs). Water backup protection. Service line protection (for pipe troubles). Work Comp coverage for nannies or else. And…a free water leak detector/sensor. Know what else? Elafris chatbots provider, Topa Insurance Company and Swiss Re are all partners. Have a look below (or watch here)

Bottom Line: innovation in product. Not easy to come by. Also, Carrie Bradshaw meet Lemonade. Mr. Big meet Hippo. Disclaimer. That was a forward looking statement .