MortgageHippo Picks Matic for Integrated Homeowner’s Insurance

Matic announced the availability of its one-click “get quote” button within MortgageHippo, a cloud-based digital mortgage platform that guides consumers through a modern, lender-branded borrowing experience.

By integrating with Matic, MortgageHippo makes it easy for borrowers to secure the homeowner’s insurance required for a residential mortgage loan closing at a competitive price. Matic uses loan and property data furnished by MortgageHippo to determine precisely how much coverage is needed, then scans the market to compare policies from multiple top-rated carriers.

“Consumers want suitable homeowner’s insurance at a fair price — but comparison shopping is difficult and time-consuming. Meanwhile, it takes loan processors about an hour of effort and a day or two in turnaround time per loan to verify a policy and update the closing disclosure. Matic eliminates the pain on both sides of the equation. Borrowers get a great policy at a great price, and lenders improve their bottom line by compressing a two-day process into two minutes.” – COO of Matic, Ben Madick.

“Matic delivers an exceptional consumer experience and gives mortgage lenders a real edge when it comes to lending efficiency and borrower conversion. We’re proud to partner with a company that exemplifies MortgageHippo’s commitment to helping top-producing loan teams future-proof their organizations with early access to the best tech solutions in today’s market.” – CEO of MortgageHippo, Valentin Saportas.