Mortgage insurer Radian Group backs FinLocker

Radian Group has made a strategic investment in FinLocker, a personal financial fitness and homeownership tool.

Founded in 2014, FinLocker aggregates and analyzes a consumer’s financial data, offering personalized paths to mortgage eligibility and other financial transactions.

FinLocker’s customers primarily include mortgage lenders, banks, credit unions, and other financial service providers who private-label the FinLocker tool to generate leads.

FinLocker also offers mortgage and financial education, credit score monitoring, credit report access, and tools to improve credit, pay down debt, save for a down payment, track progress toward mortgage eligibility, and initiate real estate searches.

“Radian and Homegenius relentlessly seek to make homeownership more easily achievable and to help our business partners accomplish that goal more efficiently. FinLocker also does both of those things. As we continue to help redefine the homebuying process, we are delighted to invest in innovative companies such as FinLocker which are leading the way.” – Radian CEO Rick Thornberry.