Modern Metric unveils insurance platform built for private client agencies

Modern Metric unveiled its flagship product, Discover. Discover is a user-centric platform designed to address the needs of private client agencies whose high-net-worth clients have more complex insurance needs than most customers.

“We started work on Discover over five years ago, for the private client agency we built, It was designed to simplify the sales process so our agents could get more sales in less time and with less effort. We sold over $10 Million in new business using earlier versions of Discover internally.” – Jon Kelly, CEO of Modern Metric.

With an array of features aimed at streamlining client management, collaborating on information gathering, and building thoughtful proposals, Discover is poised to become the go-to solution for insurance professionals with high-net-worth clients.

“One of the biggest challenges private client advisors face is getting on the same page with their clients. Discover is that page – a place for advisors to work with clients to understand their needs, gather data and quotes, and package everything in a beautiful proposal.” – Jon Kelly.

A few key Discover features are:

  • Real-time Collaboration: Agents can share their workspace with a client, the client’s spouse, and even their financial advisor, who can all work together or separately and update each other in real-time.
  • Total Client View: It provides a structured place for agents to capture all critical risk details about household members, their claims, and all relevant assets, including homes, cars, motorcycles, RVs, airplanes, watercraft, jewelry, art, wine, and other collections.
  • Automated Proposals: Agents can automatically create beautiful proposals that provide side-by-side comparisons showing coverage differences, not just premium differences.
  • Integrated Electronic Signature: When the client is ready to sign, Discover collects a signed online proposal, underwriting requirements, and disclosures to deliver client clarity and prevent costly Errors and Omissions problems down the road.
  • Open API: Built with integration in mind, Discover connects effortlessly with third-party data providers, AMSs, and Carrier quoting systems, establishing a seamless ecosystem that significantly reduces manual input and potential errors.

Discover will transform how private client insurance agents onboard new clients and process renewals, providing agents with the tools they need to meet the high expectations of their clientele. With a strong emphasis on data security and compliance, the platform also delivers the data protection capabilities now required for sensitive client information.