MM Ventures Believes in Compliant Social Media Posts

San Fran-based content platform Gainfully has announced a $2.5 million round led by MassMutual Ventures . This is Gainfully:


The company, established in 2015, offers a patent-pending compliance-enabled network technology to enable insurers and asset managers to make branded content available to financial advisors, agents, and brokers. Meanwhile broker-dealers can easily supervise what content is approved for their financial professionals to share. It operates in the space of Hearsay Social.


“We are looking forward to leveraging our strong relationships with MassMutual Ventures to accelerate adoption of the Gainfully platform throughout financial services. We’re excited about their shared vision of the potential of a unified industry vendor and channel marketplace” – founder and CEO, Cameron Nordholm.


“With Gainfully, brokers and investment advisors can easily access all materials supporting all the products and manufacturers they represent; manufacturers are likewise able to distribute content to their entire network via a single login” –  managing director at MassMutual Ventures, Eric Emmons.


PS. Delaware Life is a client; to name one.

PPS. Recall 2017 insurance-related investments here.