Michelin and HDI innovate to improve company fleet road safety

Michelin and HDI Global SE entered into a partnership to offer company vehicle fleets an innovative approach focusing on the prevention and reduction of road risk.

This collaboration brings together two mobility players to improve road safety. HDI Global SE designs tailor-made insurance solutions for industrial and commercial customers across the world. The century-old Group benefits from a global network and expertise in corporate risks. DDI (Driving Data to Intelligence) is a Michelin business created in 2015 whose expertise lies in capturing, processing and analyzing driving data. DDI also manages the Better Driving Community – a community of drivers committed to improving road safety.

With this partnership, the two companies are pooling their combined skills in order to prevent fleet road risks. The vehicles are equipped with a connected box that collects driving data. This data is then processed and fed back to the driver via the Ideal Driver Pro application and to the fleet manager via an indicator report. The information provided in the form of a driving score for each vehicle allows action to be taken in several areas:

  • Better understand the impact of driving behavior on the claims rate.
  • Identify risky driving behaviors and provide professionals with the necessary means to raise awareness and train drivers with a coaching module.

HDI Global SE will promote this innovative approach among its company fleet clients. A first step in the introduction of a collaborative ecosystem between Michelin and HDI: feedback will enable HDI and Michelin to develop new solutions as early as 2022.