MetLife expands virtual health service

MetLife Australia has announced a new partnership with virtual health provider Teladoc Health to expand its 360Health program.

The new partnership will see MetLife roll out a virtual care program in the first half of 2021, offering retail customers a range of easy-to-access services online such as Mental Health Assist, Expert Medical Opinions, GP support, and Nutrition assessments.

This care program is delivered virtually via an app, web, or phone.

360Health is MetLife’s end-to-end health solution that includes tools, resources and information for holistic health management, and is designed to help customers prevent and manage serious illnesses so they can live healthier for longer.

The virtual care program will be offered first to MetLife’s retail customers, via financial advisers, to provide them with “a unique selling point.”

“MetLife’s partnership with Teladoc Health marks a significant step in expanding our 360Health offering to meet customers needs. We know our customers are looking for better and easier ways to access health services. This virtual care program empowers them to access health support when they need it and in a way that is tailored for them. Health cannot be ‘one size fits all’.” – Mark Raberger, MetLife’s Head of Health.