MetLife Expands Access to Genomic Testing for Cancer

AmMetLife Insurance Berhad, the strategic partnership between MetLife and AmBank Group, has launched a new plan in Malaysia that includes coverage of genomic testing for customers diagnosed with cancer.

The “HCC BoostUp Rider,” attached to the HealthCare Choice Rider, gives customers coverage for a unique combination of medical benefits including genomic testing for cancer, out-patient dengue treatment, home nursing care, and pre-hospitalization treatment.
“Genomics is a game changer when it comes to cancer treatment. No two people are the same and consumers everywhere are demanding more personalization. Medical care is no different and genomics allows us to define the unique characteristics of a patient’s cancer and treat it with precision.” – MetLife’s external medical consultant, Dr. Tucker.


Note: Genomic testing is done through third parties. Genetic information collected will not be made available to MetLife and its subsidiaries/affiliates.