MetLife Digital Accelerator Announces Second Cohort

MetLife has announced its second class of nine companies selected to participate in the MetLife Digital Accelerator. The startups will formally present their ideas to MetLife and other potential investors during a ‘Demo Day’ event.

The nine startups and what they hope to deliver are:

  • BlockClaim (London, UK): Empowers insurers to settle claims in as little as 24 hours by providing data driven insights.
  • Bonbouton (New York, NY): Is a smart insole that detects foot ulcers, a common cause of diabetes-related amputations.
  • The Difference (New York): Provides on-demand therapy via phone or smart speaker.
  • Lazarus (Cambridge, MA): Uses historical patient health data and machine learning to help predict the early onset of cancer.
  • (San Francisco, CA): Uses smart contracts to create autonomous insurances that run with nearly zero overhead.
  • Slighter (Dover, DE): Is a smart cigarette lighter that tracks smoking habits and trains users to reduce gradually until they quit.
  • Slope Software (Atlanta, GA): Helps actuaries build and analyze complex financial models in a fraction of the time using only a web browser.
  • Smiletronix (Barcelona, Spain): Completes a dental health scan anytime, anywhere in under a minute with their personal handheld device.
  • Zogo Finance (Durham, NC): Pays kids to learn personal finance by partnering with financial institutions.