Mercury Insurance launches MercuryGO for Florida drivers

Los Angeles-based regional insurer Mercury Insurance has made its usage-based insurance app MercuryGO, available to drivers in Florida.

The app acts as a virtual driving coach, providing skill scores that give real-time feedback about driving behavior. Mercury auto insurance policyholders who enroll to use the app immediately receive up to a 10% participation discount. Then, when MercuryGO customers renew their policies, they could receive a discount of up to 20%, depending upon their driving score.

“Mercury wants to help make Florida’s roads as safe as possible. Most car crashes can be avoided, and MercuryGO is a simple way to help keep drivers focused on their main task. Our smartphone app will help educate drivers of all ages and experience levels about the importance of staying alert behind the wheel, with the ultimate goal of reducing fatalities and serious injuries. Plus, this program empowers drivers to save a lot of money on their insurance.” – Mercury Insurance Director of Product Management Mike Dawdy.

Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) is Mercury’s technology partner. “Mercury Insurance is utilizing the DriveWell platform to help drivers reduce distracted driving, speeding, and hard braking by keeping them engaged and providing timely feedback. MercuryGO will help make Florida roads safer and has the potential to reduce the number of car collisions, injuries and fatalities.” – Ryan McMahon, CMT’s Vice President of Insurance and Government Affairs.

Currently, MercuryGO is only available to Florida, Oklahoma and Texas drivers.