Mercury Insurance enables virtual property tours to assess damage

Mercury Insurance offers homeowners who need to file an insurance claim a “close-to-contactless” solution, by allowing them to use real-time video to capture and assess property damage to the claims process.

Once the claim is assigned to a claims handler, the policyholder is contacted for more details about the loss, and is also provided instructions for how to download and launch the claims processing app on a smartphone. The app enables the policyholder to share “high fidelity” video while talking to the claims handler, who can then see what needs to be repaired.

“Mercury is dedicated to providing excellent service to our policyholders through accurate and efficient resolution of their homeowners claims. We are determined to provide that level of service despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. Of course, we want to ensure the safety of our insureds and our staff, so when possible, we use technology that allows our policyholders to take our claims handlers on a virtual tour of their homes in real-time to assess the damage and create an estimate.” – Christopher O’Rourke, Mercury Insurance vice president of property claims.