Meet “The Facebook of Insurance”

Meet Casava :


Think: an emerging startup from Lagos that claims to be Africa’s 1st P2P insurance company, established on July 1, 2016. Fast Five on Casava: (1) microinsurance products for millennials that can be purchased in 100 seconds, (2) proprietary insurance payments and remittance technology called NanoPayments to allow policyholders to make small weekly or monthly payments,

(3) instant customer service via a chatbot, (4) cashback for referrals that will allow one to pay less for insurance, and (5) a P2P component that will allow policyholders to add friends and colleagues to their network and help each other during or after a benefit (claim) request. Speaking of claims, it will take less than 5 minutes to process one’s benefits.

Bottom Line: the creation of Bode Pedro. PS. Recall P2P insurance startups in Sub-Saharan Africa here.