Meet the AppKit: Road safety at your fingertips

We have an announcement to make: It’s here! It’s launched! It’s validated!

After numerous customer requests, we launched AppKit. This new offering represents Sentiance’s first-ever end-to-end (E2E) package, complete with a mobile application framework preconfigured with the Sentiance SDK integrating our driving, mobility, and engagement platforms. 

Now, with AppKit, our customers can, within weeks, have a mobile application hosted on the AppStores completely powered by Sentiance technology and can immediately start rolling out a ‘drive safer’ mobile application to their end-users.

So, what is AppKit?

AppKit serves as Sentiance’s validated hosted grey label mobile application framework, generating iOS and Android applications branded specifically for you, our customers, all powered by the Sentiance SDK. This mobile application is equipped with a comprehensive set of fully functional features and workflows. These functionalities are constructed atop our driving and engagement platforms.

The Sentiance platform is structured around three core elements: “driving insights”, “mobility & lifestyle insights”, and “engagement.” The engagement layer serves as a collection of feature APIs and interfaces essential for constructing digital coaching and engagement workflows. Above this layer sits AppKit, which not only encompasses the engagement layer but also features prebuilt, fully-functional workflows. Here are a few examples of the features it includes:

  • Challenges
  • Streaks
  • Groups & Leaderboards
  • Driving History with Driving Scores
  • Crash Detection


Its capabilities

Appkit comes equipped with out-of-the-box capabilities that serve to support and enhance the existing features and workflows within the application. Here are some of these capabilities:

  • Push Notifications
  • Custom app icons,  color scheme, and branding
  • Customizable labels and multiple language support
  • Feature flags for a majority of features
  • Mobile and Usage Analytics
  • User Authentication
  • Deep linking (coming soon)
  • Email campaign (coming soon)


Is AppKit right for you?

AppKit is for insurers (general road safety and UBI), fleet owners, mobility platforms, and insurance aggregators. The concept of AppKit is intentionally designed to be versatile, aligning with the vision and purpose of enabling customers to swiftly deliver a comprehensive solution to their end users. While the range of supported use cases is diverse, we’ve observed that a significant portion of our initial customers lean towards AppKit for the following reasons:

  • Limited Bandwidth: Their technical teams can’t embark on a new project.
  • Business Model Validation: They seek to validate a new business model leveraging Sentiance insights.
  • Immediate Testing and Exploration: They want to experience the full potential of Sentiance.
  • Rapid Go-to-Market: They aspire to enter the market quickly and easily.


The future of AppKit

We tested and validated AppKit with reputable insurers and mobility players, and plan to launch a major upgrade in the midst of 2024 with more features and insights. We will keep you up to date as we move forward.

In the meantime, do you want to know how you can benefit from AppKit now? Reach out, and we’ll guide you through the details.

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