Meet Spyder

Spyder , a new SaaS company designed to “reimagine the way individuals and firms in insurance and financial services manage their business and regulatory requirements”, announced a new eCommerce portal platform geared to offer customers the ability to easily find and purchase the products and services they need to support their business.

“We are pleased to offer the insurance and financial services industries an innovative one-stop-producer shop. One site for customers to explore, where we will be continually growing our product suite making it simple for small and large businesses alike to locate and purchase products and services needed to run their businesses.” – Nedra Barr, Chief Executive Officer of Spyder.

Founded in 2021, Spyder Cyber, delivers cyber-security device inspection and monitoring for insurance firms and individuals. As part of Spyder’s commitment to bringing best in class services and products to customers, implementing Spyder Cyber provides a layer of protection for insurance businesses and individual producers. Rounding out the product is incident response, antivirus scanning, security awareness training, policy review, and network defense review.

“Cyber attacks are on the rise. Spyder Cyber is perfectly aligned with the market needs for device protection and inspection in this unprecedented time of cyber intrusions.  Our packages are configured to the needs of smaller firms and individuals that are encountering this critical business risk and are seeking assistance in their cyber protection efforts. Our product bolsters our customers’ defenses and helps them to stay secure.” – Bob Peacock, Chief Technology Officer of Spyder.