Meet Bequest – Gone but unforgettable

London-based Bequest was established late last year to “revolutionize” how customers engage and purchase life and health insurance.

“We live in a time where we have more digital assets than physical products, yet many insurance policies are still protecting just physical assets. At Bequest, we are creating an all encompassing platform that connects your digital life, with your physical life, and then offer relevant, pay-as-you-go insurance policies that suit specifically your needs.

We are working with Aviva and Covea Insurance to help bring this product to market. We have created a unique platform, and have worked with large insurers to create a compelling offering in terms of insurance products.

Our big vision is to be ‘the’ platform people consider when seeking a new insurance product. We want to roll out our product and policy selection as we grow. We want to be the platform for people to connect their loved ones, to their most loved assets.”

Bequest is backed by Founders Factory and has secured a pre-seed round totaling approximately $328,000. It plans to launch in 2020.