Medical Records Organizer phrHero Set to Launch in 2018

Meet phrHero :


Think: an Irvine, CA-based healthtech startup that is looking to offer an app to organize all your health data in one place. It promises to help users make sense of their medical records and costs. The startup is the works of founder and CEO Ken Lim, who  currently works as a Sr. Solutions – Systems Integration Architect at Torrance Memorial Medical Center and cofounder and COO Tom Hartung, who currently works as a senior consultant at HPG.


Here’s how the app works:

phrHero operates in the space of ChartSpan and My Medical; to name two. ChartSpan Medical Record app is a consumer platform for patients managing healthcare records. It allows users to request, organize and send their healthcare records digitally. My Medical is a record-keeping app for personal medical information.


Bottom Line: in beta.