MediaAlpha introduces new lead buying option for agents

MediaAlpha announced a new “browse-and-buy” option, allowing agents to browse a continuously updated list of available leads and pay on a cost-per-lead or cost-per-connection basis.

The company says that unlike the traditional way of purchasing online leads, which involves monthly campaigns with specific budgeting and targeting parameters, its new solution, the “first of its kind in the industry,” allows agents to forgo the campaign model entirely and purchase leads a la carte only. It also gives agents “unprecedented visibility” into key information before a lead is purchased, such as how many times the lead has already been sold and to which carriers, when the lead came in, and whether or not other carriers have already attempted to contact the lead.

“Lead buying has long been a source of frustration for agents and we’re committed to reinventing the entire process and addressing the key pain points. This browse-and-buy option we’ve just introduced gives agents more flexibility in the way they buy leads and more transparency into the status of a lead before it’s purchased.” – Tigran Mekikian, MediaAlpha VP, Demand Partnerships and Agent Growth.