Measured Analytics and Insurance launches CyberGuard Central

Cyber insurance provider Measured Analytics and Insurance has launched CyberGuard Central, its partner program for cybersecurity vendors. CyberGuard Central is a cooperative effort between security consultants and cyber tools vendors to provide cyber insurance to their clients. Additionally, Measured will feature select “industry-leading” organizations as preferred cybersecurity solutions providers.

Partners will have access to Measured’s risk calculator for risk quantification and industry benchmarking tools. By collaborating with Measured, partners can also gain insights into the risks facing their customers and explore ways to minimize any flaws exposed in their security.

“Since its inception, Measured has made it a priority to create a global security ecosystem that allows for holistic cyber risk management. The magnitude of cyber threats is constantly growing, and by putting all the pieces together with CyberGuard Central, we can positively impact the security posture of SMBs everywhere.”  – Director of Insurance, Zach Atya.