Matterport Partners with EMC Insurance

Commercial property and casualty insurer EMC Insurance has partnered with Matterport to use 3D reality capture on commercial properties for loss control and claims management; making it the first property insurer to fully deploy Matterport’s tech for commercial claims.

EMC first utilized Matterport scans of real-life properties affected by natural and man-made disasters to document losses and damages. After this initial adoption, EMC quickly realized the benefit of using Matterport for claims adjusting, improving the customer experience by getting policyholders back on their feet after a loss, while giving them confidence that the full extent of their loss is documented. Matterport’s tech is now being adopted across multiple EMC disciplines, including claims, loss control, and innovation. EMC will leverage Matterport’s software and hardware technology to develop 3D training programs for both claims and loss control employees.