Marsh launches Sentrisk

Marsh announced the launch of Sentrisk, an AI-powered platform with integrated advisory services that will “redesign the way businesses manage global supply chain risk.”

Created through the combined capabilities of Marsh McLennan businesses and Oliver Wyman, Sentrisk uses advanced technologies such as supply chain mapping AI and geospatial satellite imaging. These tools will enable organizations to map their supply chains more comprehensively and develop risk mitigation, transfer, and management strategies.

With the ability to analyze deep into a firm’s supply chain, Sentrisk overlays proprietary analytics to pinpoint low, medium, and high-risk vulnerabilities down to a site, supplier, or component-specific level. Users are provided with a comprehensive assessment of their supply chain risks, alerts of disruptions near critical assets, and access to risk advisory services from Marsh and Oliver Wyman. Current risks modeled include natural hazard, geopolitical, climate-related, and reputational risks as well as structural risks like single-supplier dependencies and geographic concentration.

“Rising geopolitical tensions, and other risks such as the impact of climate events, mean that supply chain vulnerabilities are now among firms top concerns. With Sentrisk, clients can use AI technology to make better informed decisions at pace to improve their resilience to major shocks.” – Martin South, President and CEO of Marsh.

“Through Sentrisk, clients are able to gain greater perspective to inform their strategy. Through knowledge of where risks live in their supply chain, they can better anticipate risks in response to global events and take proactive measures before disruptions occur.” – Nick Studer, President and CEO of Oliver Wyman Group.