Mapfre MSV Life Launches SavviSave

Two years (!) in the making and Mapfre MSV Life is proud to announce   SavviSave  an app-slash-savings product. Here’s How it Works: a user (1) sets a goal, (2) sets a budget, (3) takes a risk test to decide suitable investment strategy – investment is managed by Munich Re, and (3) enjoys returns for the annual fee of 1.4% of its savings. One more thing. A user can withdraw or deposit money at any time.





“SavviSave is the first fully digital savings proposition that is being launched in Malta. It is now available to customers through a mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play and through which the customer can start saving towards personal goals. The engaging and gamified savings goal set up, as well as the on-boarding process, is fully digital and paperless. Clients are able to monitor and manage their savings goals at all times through the SavviSave app, making this the first cash-less, paperless and presence-less savings product available in the market” – Mapfre MSV Life CEO, David G Curmi.