MAPFRE launches MotionSmart to reward safe driving

Auto insurer MAPFRE Insurance has launched MotionSmartSM, a usage-based insurance (UBI) program available to new MAPFRE policyholders in Massachusetts. Developed in partnership with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), MotionSmart assesses users’ driving behaviors and provides personalized safe-driving tips, based on real-time behavior.

New MAPFRE policyholders who participate in the program will receive a discount of up to 10% at initial enrollment. Based on how safely they drive, they can earn up to 20% savings on their annual premium with MotionSmart. CMT’s smartphone telematics platform measures several factors, including excessive speeding, hard braking and phone distraction. CMT data shows that active app users reduce their phone distraction by 39% after 30 days, speeding by 30% and hard braking by 51%.

“Safer driving means fewer accidents. We are delighted to team with Cambridge Mobile Telematics to encourage good driving and, at the same time, reward customers who demonstrate a commitment to keeping our roads safe.” – Jaime Tamayo, CEO of MAPFRE USA.

No plug-in devices are required. Participants simply install the MotionSmart app on their smartphone.

“Smartphone distraction affects drivers’ perception and response time, resulting in more hard braking events and more severe crashes. We are proud to work together with MAPFRE to reward drivers that improve and reduce risk for all who share the roads.” – William Powers, co-founder and CEO of Cambridge Mobile Telematics.