MakuSafe Raises $3M

MakuSafe has announced a $3m seed round, bringing its total funding to date to ~$4.5m. EMC Insurance participated in the round.

Established in 2016, the startup – led by Gabe Glynn – develops a “sophisticated system for gathering real-time environmental and human motion data to identify workplace risk.” Via a cloud platform and a wearable armband device, MakuSmart gathers workforce data to help employers take proactive steps to improve safety, and productivity as well as receive notifications when conditions become unfavorable for workers.

The platform also acts as a conduit to deliver services offered by insurance carriers to the companies that they insure.


// MākuSafe’s CTO and Co-Founder Mark Frederick will partner with EMC Insurance Companies Innovation Manager, Angela Carnahan to deliver a presentation at the 2019 Dig In Conference in Austin, TX.