MākuSafe & EMC Insurance Announce Pilot

MakuSafe , a Des Moines-based safety analytics company, has announced they are launching an eight-week pilot program with EMC Insurance to use its latest generation of wearable armband technology to identify industrial hazards and reduce workplace accidents and worker’s compensation claims.

The pilot program is a continued step in the evolution and real-world execution of MākuSafe’s technology solutions which help companies reduce the number of workplace accidents by collecting and processing predictive indicators of risk. The MākuSafe wearable armband gathers data on numerous environmental conditions and hazardous human motion, such as slips and trips. Then the MākuSmart cloud platform uses machine learning to uncover trends and generate real-time alerts to help safety managers and insurance companies identify potential hazards before accidents happen.

“The world’s changing for our agents and policyholders. We want to provide them value beyond insurance; wearable technology and effective data analysis are some of the ways we’re pursuing that.” – EMC’s Vice President – Risk Improvement Bryon Snethen.

EMC added that, through the course of the pilot program, the company will be looking specifically at how the combination of the MākuSafe armband and MākuSmart platform can provide insights on workplace safety trends while building an increased culture of safety among employees.

“Sending more people home safely to their families at the end of the work day is a mission that’s easy to get behind. It has been so encouraging seeing companies like EMC embrace that mission in such a tangible way.” – MākuSafe CEO & cofounder, Gabriel Glynn.