Mad Money’s Jim Cramer is a Chubb Customer

Last month, Jim Cramer –  the host of CNBC’s Mad Money – sat down with Chubb’s CEO Evan Greenberg (“I’m optimistic”) to discuss fun insurance stuff. Fast Five highlights below:


– The ACE / Chubb merger had a 1+1=3 effect because of the companies’ complementary strengths


– “This is a risk business and if you want to chase revenue, rather than chase a good risk adjusted return – ultimately that’s at your peril”


– “As long as we can be paid properly and we can understand the risk, and we can structure the risk, then we will assume the risk”


– “It’s insurers’ job to assume risk if they want to stay relevant”


– “In the personal insurance space, you will find cheaper insurance but you will not find coverage that is as rich, and customers as delighted when they have had a loss with the service that Chubb provides”


Play here.