Lloyd’s secures £300M in funding

Lloyd's announced it has raised £300m of senior debt to fund its “transformation” journey – the Future at Lloyd’s Blueprint One.

The delivery of the Future at Lloyd’s is being run on an ‘agile’ basis with the funding for each quarter being dependent on the execution of the planned deliverables. In February 2020, Lloyd’s will publish Blueprint 1a, which will set out the detailed plans and deliverables for Phase 1 implementation.

“Since the launch of Blueprint One, we have focused on designing a carefully structured and managed approach to planning and execution to allow regular delivery of value to the market. With robust governance and oversight now in place, and the funds for delivery secured, we have every confidence in the successful delivery of the Future at Lloyd’s.” – John Neal, Lloyd’s Chief Executive Officer.

“I’m delighted to lead the delivery of the Future at Lloyd’s. Our dedicated team are working at pace to develop and deliver the solutions we’ve promised to fundamentally transform our market. It’s an exciting time to be at Lloyd’s!” – Jennifer Rigby, Lloyd’s Chief Operations Officer and Executive Sponsor of the Future at Lloyd’s.