LISI and CoPower Deliver New MetLife Small Group Product Enrollment and Administration

LISI, Inc., (LISI), a leading General Agent (GA), has teamed up with CoPower, an insurance benefits and administration service provider to launch a new product and administration offering across the entire MetLife small group portfolio.


Effective October 1st, 2018, businesses will be able to select any products from the complete MetLife small group portfolio, bundle them with the best options among leading national carriers, and maintain those benefits with one point of contact for enrollment, billing, payment, and service. Brokers and employers also have free access to CoPower’s online administration system, Empower. With Empower, employers can update all of their benefits across any number of supported carriers. A dedicated group service representative is also available as a single point of contact via phone, email, or online chat to support all business needs.


“We’re very excited about this partnership. Simply put, the combination of MetLife’s products and CoPower’s administration will enable brokers to deliver superior products and exemplary service without sacrificing any extra time or money,” said Senior Vice President of Sales, Kevin Timone.


“LISI’s exclusive partnership with CoPower has enabled us to deliver big ancillary solutions from the nation’s leading carriers and combine that with easy enrollment, consolidated billing, and unrivaled customer service. Now, our commitment to the broker is moving to the next level by expanding those offerings across the entire MetLife small group portfolio,” said CEO and President of LISI, Becky Patel.