LifeYield Partners with Allianz Life

LifeYield , a cloud-based solution that facilitates tax-smart, risk-smart management of an investor’s entire household portfolio, has partnered with Allianz Life to offer its wholesalers access to Social Security Advantage,  a tool that provides specific direction on how to maximize Social Security income.

“For many Americans, Social Security is the most important part of their retirement plan, but it can also be confusing. Social Security Advantage gives the financial professionals who do business with Allianz Life another powerful opportunity to gain and keep more clients that need help in the complicated science of retirement planning.” – Mark Hoffman, CEO of LifeYield.

“Allianz Life has long emphasized the importance of retirement planning, including factoring in Social Security, to our financial professionals and their clients. LifeYield’s tools take concepts like asset location and asset allocation, and ways to draw income in retirement, and use the power of technology to help financial professionals offer high-quality information to their clients.” – Corey Walther, Head of Business Development & Relationship Management for Allianz Life.

Refresher: Established in 2008, LifeYield is a Boston-based team of 30 offering digitally-enhanced advice software to support advisors and clients.