Launchpad Capital backs Harmonic Insurance

Insurance companies spend billions of $$ on TV, radio and online advertising – annoying everyone in the process, and driving their cost of new customer acquisition to the $500-$1,000 range. We think that there is a better way to market insurance so that the consumer wins instead of the TV networks. We are looking to build a team to make this happen.” – Harmonic Insurance, 2019

* * *

“Harmonic is a digital insurance business that helps consumers start building their personal financial safety net with the gift of a complimentary $10,000 insurance policy. Our MVP product launched in July 2020. We have a few thousand customers, and big plans to grow our audience this year. We are working with some of the largest insurers in the US, are licensed in all 50 states, and are backed by Launchpad Capital. We are actively recruiting for a product manager, and soon more positions. We are based in Oakland, CA. We have people in the Bay Area and in other parts of the country. We’re open to hiring candidates in the Bay Area or people who will be fully remote.” – Harmonic Insurance, 2021

* * *

Founded in 2019 and now a team of ~9, Harmonic Insurance is looking to help customers understand “the essential elements of a financial Safety Net” and guide them on a path to financial preparedness. “We give you the information and tools to consider whether a product helps you achieve your goals. Within a year, you’ll have a safety net designed to protect your lifestyle and prepare you for the future.”

For starters, it offers every Harmonic user a $10,000 insurance policy with their free membership. And later, if a user purchases a recommended product, it will earn a commission.

Possible product recommendations include term life from Haven Life, a digital will service from Trust & Will, and car insurance from Matic Insurance.

Bottom Line: SafetyNet comes to mind.