LAIF, First Corporate Venture Capital Fund in Latin America Focused on Insurtech

LAIF invests in startups that have the potential to change the Insurance Industry. Innovation is changing the way insurance companies operate today and LAIF focuses on companies concerned with the transformation of the Insurance Market.



The main investors are insurance companies based in Latin America. LAIF´s three core founders are insurance companies based in Argentina: Hipotecarios Seguros, Binaria Seguros de Vida y Retiro y Colón Compañía de Seguros.

The fund is currently expanding the scope to include other insurance companies from Latin America.

The goal of the fund is to advance innovation in the insurance space by investing in startups that develop products and services that have a positive impact on the industry and are changing the way consumers deal with insurance.

Investors will have direct access to cutting edge innovation in Insurtech, fund equity and select startups.

As founding partners of LAIF, they will interact directly with startup founders and their teams. Moreover, their companies and management teams will have the chance to work together with these companies as another way of exploring the Insurtech space.

This way, they will invest in potential businesses, observe first hand new trends and will have access to new management practices and methodologies that add value to their own organizations.

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