Kruzee launches platform for improved online driver’s ed experience

Canada’s first online driver’s education platform Kruzee officially launched in Ontario with the mission to make it easier for new drivers to get licensed, insured, and on the road. Kruzee raised $500,000 in pre-seed fundraising for its launch. Investors include early-stage Canadian venture fund N49P, Wattpad founder Ivan Yuen, Juno founder Heather Payne, and other automotive and insurance industry executives.

With Kruzee, students can find and book ‘top-rated’ driving instructors in their area and complete theory lessons at their own pace online. Kruzee also offers ministry-approved beginner driver education courses that may qualify some learners for accelerated G2 licensing times and auto insurance discounts.

“Most driving schools in Canada have outdated systems, manual and error-prone booking processes, and months-long wait times. Students had pretty much no control over who they got in the car with, they didn’t know anything about the instructor beyond maybe their name.” – Mikael Castaldo, Co-founder, Kruzee.

“We realized there had to be a better way to do this. Students today expect digital-first and on-demand services. They shouldn’t need to make several phone calls to book a driving lesson. We have a far more rigorous vetting process than any other driving school. That way we can ensure that students have a great experience in-car and learn to become safer drivers. We’re using this investment to recruit the best instructors, develop curriculum, and build out our platform before we expand the model across North America.” – Osama Siddique, Co-founder, Kruzee.