Kinsu Believes Insurance Can be Beautiful

Kinsu is live .

The London-based, mobile-first startup has launched to allow shoppers to purchase monthly coverage for phone, laptop, tablet, headphones, camera, and any other gadget you can think of except for drones and medical equipment. For a phone, the maximum replacement value is £1,000 per single item. For other types of gadgets, the maximum value is £3,000 per single item, except for cameras where the maximum value is £5,000. Also, coverage can be canceled anytime. “If you do decide to get covered, our policies work like a flexible rolling monthly agreement that you can cancel whenever you like. No hard feelings.”

The startup, established in 2016 by Chris Sharpe and Russell Merrett, is the trading name of Advent Solutions Management, an insurance agency from London. Bottom Line: “I can’t wait until we grow Kinsu into something huge” – CEO Chris Sharpe. That’s the spirit.