Kindur Secures $9M Series A

Kindur announced it has raised $9m in Series A from Anthemis, Point72 Ventures and Clocktower, to support its efforts to provide baby boomers with a comprehensive suite of modern retirement services. Led by founder & CEO Rhian Horgan, Kindur is a new-kind of financial services company designed to help baby boomers navigate their complex financial lives. Through straightforward digital advice and its signature retirement paycheck, Kindur makes sense of savings, insurance, social security and healthcare costs so users can focus on enjoying a hard-earned retirement with confidence.

Kindur is offering a better approach that cuts across existing industry silos to navigate these complex products and decisions. By delivering solutions specific to those in retirement or nearing retirement, Kindur wants to ensure baby boomers who’ve worked hard throughout their careers are prepared for the next phase of their lives, instead of worrying about things like market volatility, healthcare costs or inflation.

Bottom Line: coming soon.