Keeping an Eye on Go(od)ji

According to an employee’s review posted on Glassdoor on Aug., 1, 2017, Goji is going through changes . Possibly for the positive. “When I started out, we were outbound dialing lousy leads, spending most of our day filtering out answering machines, not interested customers, and customers who couldn’t afford our product. We now receive inbound leads from customers that are mostly homeowners, have good credit, and are looking to buy insurance. The new carriers we have added gives us a much more competitive product”.

And this is just one out of several positive reviews posted recently on Glassdoor. At Coverager, we’ve been keeping you up to date on all that’s happening on the car and home insurance aggregator that has managed to raise close to $90M since its inception back in 2006.


Its website still enjoys minimal traffic:


There’s barely any (recent) activity on its Twitter and Facebook accounts:


However, its LinkedIn posts are showing signs of change via a new cover logo featuring the slogan: Experience Deserves More. Agents Deserve Better. Get a feel for its latest posts:


Also, according to the LinkedIn profile of the company’s CIO, it’s busy relaunching & restructuring:


To be continued…