Juno says goodbye

Gett, the global leader in corporate on-demand transportation, has announced the closure of its New York rideshare business, Juno, effective today. Gett also announces a strategic partnership with Lyft to enable Gett’s corporate clients to access rides in the United States beginning next year.

Dave Waiser, Gett CEO, commented: “This development reinforces Gett’s strategy to build a profitable company focused on the corporate transportation sector, a market worth $1 trillion each year.”

As a corporate transportation leader, Gett serves over 15,000 companies, including a third of the Fortune 500. Through the Lyft partnership, Gett’s corporate customers traveling in the United States will be able to request rides through the Gett app and be matched with a driver on the Lyft network. This partnership will allow Gett to expand its reach across the United States, seamlessly serving its business clients on the Lyft network, all through Gett’s SaaS platform for business travelers.

“Gett has a differentiated business model. With this announcement, we reinforce our position as the leading corporate transportation service. Instead of competing with consumer ridesharing companies, we are partnering with them. Our strategic partnership with Lyft is a win-win: Gett is expanding its reach across North America at the same time as we continue to see strong momentum in Europe, while Lyft benefits from the large number of Gett enterprise clients traveling to the U.S. Uniquely, Gett’s SaaS solution aggregates a complete range of ground travel providers in-country and across geographies, on one single booking platform. Whether for ridesharing, chauffeur, limousine or taxi services, we provide enterprise clients with a best-in-class app and advanced back-end technology that consolidates all options across 100 countries, saving costs for clients globally. Gett’s anticipated profitability is driven by our corporate SaaS solution, and we expect to be operationally profitable at a Group level in December of this year.” – Waiser.

Juno is shutting down in New York today as a result of both Gett’s increased focus on the corporate transportation sector and the enactment of misguided regulations in New York City earlier this year. Juno drivers will be paid in full by Juno for all rides completed by Juno’s service end-date. All Juno riders will be invited to join Lyft.

About Gett

Gett is the leading corporate SaaS solution for ground transportation across Europe and North America. Its cloud-based solution offers a unique ability to aggregate all ground travel needs by connecting a range of vendors on one single booking platform. Gett’s corporate solution provides a single point of entry to a global network in hundreds of cities worldwide, saving millions of dollars on ground transportation while ensuring the highest level of employees’ satisfaction.

Founded in 2010, Gett has always been very strong in the corporate segment, immediately after launching the app in 2010, Gett signed its first corporate customer. Since then, over 15,000 other corporations joined the Gett service.

Today, Gett is leading the innovation in corporate ground travel. The B2B proposition, underpinned by high consumer service and cutting-edge technology is already serving thousands of leading corporations around the world.

Gett raised more than $800M in venture funding, including $300M+ from Volkswagen. Gett’s most recent valuation was $1.5B.