Jornaya partners with EverQuote

Jornaya announced that EverQuote has integrated Jornaya’s Privacy Guardian to manage compliance risk associated with the TCPA for the referrals from publishers in the EverQuote Verified Partner Exchange.

The TCPA, passed in 1991, requires prior express written consent for non-emergency autodialed, prerecorded, or artificial voice calls to wireless phone numbers, as well as for pre-recorded telemarketing calls to residential wireline numbers.

Jornaya’s TCPA Guardian, integrated with EverQuote’s Partner Exchange, provides companies that purchase consumer referrals through the exchange with the ability to validate consumer consent. TCPA Guardian ensures the consumer was shown and approved disclosures, including monitoring the size, text, and overall visibility of the TCPA disclosure. Jornaya’s solution documents the proof of consent, allowing both EverQuote and its insurance provider partners to deter and help defend the costly and rising number of TCPA complaints.

“EverQuote’s vision is to make finding the right insurance easy and transparent. By implementing Jornaya’s technology, we can ensure consumers’ privacy and choice are protected while also offering insurance providers independent and trusted certification of consumer consent before they connect with the consumer.” – Jay Watt, SVP of Distribution Services.

“We applaud EverQuote’s continued commitment to providing compliant consumer experiences. TCPA Guardian gives EverQuote’s network independent verification that their customer acquisition efforts and marketing programs are compliant. This is especially important in the consumer insurance space where there have been several recent, high-profile legal cases related to the TCPA.” – Jornaya CEO Ross Shanken.