Jetty’s Nationwide Rollout Hits 45 with Renters Insurance Launches in Louisiana and Rhode Island

Beaches, seafood, and multiple Popeyes locations are a few of what connects the Northerners of Rhode Island to the Southerners of Louisiana. Tenuous as that may seem, we’re adding a new covalent bond: Jetty Renters Insurance is now live for the Ocean and Bayou States starting today, making renting faster and easier for all.

For Clam Lovers and Others — From Sea to Sea

Whether you like your clams Po’ Boyed or Casino, Jetty’s offering of fast and affordable services are key to improving access for renters and reducing overhead for property owners and leasing teams nationwide:

  1. Renters Insurance — Jetty Renters Insurance protects the property and renter in case of damage, theft, and other potential mishaps. A no brainer for both sides of the table.
  2. Jetty Passport Deposit — An alternative to the traditional security deposit, Jetty Passport Deposit reduces the cost of signing a lease and fulfills the security deposit requirement for the property owner.
  3. Jetty Lease Guaranty — For renters that don’t have backup, Jetty becomes the guarantor that gets mo’ renters mo’ access to amazing homes.


Adding Rhode Island and Louisiana marks Jetty’s vinyl anniversary with a cool 45 states live (we recently launched all the Left Coast states with Washington Renters Insurance last month). There’s still a few to come before we’re 100% nationwide (we see you, Florida), but we’re chugging along with new states each week, so be sure to check the Renters Insurance coverage map to see where your state stands as part of the Jetty Union.

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