Jetty Welcomes Trio Of New Executives



We started Jetty to make life easier for renters by removing obstacles that create friction and stress throughout the rental process.

There was clearly a need. No one we know has ever referred to renting a place as “easy”—usually, a host of other four-letter words come first. And landlords will tell you it isn’t a particularly fun process for them either.


Challenge accepted

Our initial suite of products (Jetty Renters InsuranceJetty Passport Deposit, & Jetty Passport Lease), which serve as an all-encompassing solution for renters and landlords alike, launched in April 2017 in four states. Less than a year later, Jetty is in 43 states and we’ve become known for saving the day. Not to mention saving people a lot of money, time, and freedom from worry.


Power-Up time

We’ve been thoughtful in our product design, deliberate in our marketing, and patient in our execution.Today, we’re excited to say it’s paid off: demand for Jetty’s products in the market is overwhelming.


It’s time for our little-team-that-could to invest in growth, via partnerships and awareness and the people who can drive both — while always keeping our members at the center of everything we do.



Welcome Patrick, Kevin, & Kevin

Jetty is thrilled to welcome three new members to the team: Vice President of Growth, Patrick Briggs; Vice President of Real Estate Sales, Kevin Murphy; and Senior Advisor, Kevin Dinnie.



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We’d love to hear your thoughts.  Check Jetty out on other platforms where we’re active.  #ReadyToJetty.  (Yes, we did a traditional press release too.  But this is just so much more Jetty.  Don’t you agree?)


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