Jetty Partners with The Bascom Group

We’ve partnered with The Bascom Group, one of the most active and seasoned buyers and operators of apartment communities in the United States, to offer all three Jetty products at its properties. As we continue to expand our real estate footprint to help residents access homes they love, we’re excited to be working with Bascom to make the leasing process easier than ever for its residents.

“We are always looking for new ways to offer the best possible experience for our residents and perspective residents,” said Paul Diamond, Vice President, Operations at Bascom. “We’re excited to offer tech-focused solutions that will make it easier than ever to sign a lease at a Bascom property.”

By offering Jetty’s products, Bascom gives residents access to Jetty Deposit and Jetty Lease Guaranty plans, eliminating the need to pay a security deposit or find a traditional guarantor. Of course, residents can also add Jetty Renters Insurance to protect the things they love or simply meet a requirement. Combined, these products work to streamline operations, reduce overhead costs, and increase occupancy for property managers.

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