Jetty Partners with Griffis Residential: Griffis will offer Jetty Deposit, Jetty Renters Insurance, and Jetty Lease Guaranty across its portfolio


We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Griffis Residential, a multifamily real estate investment company that owns and manages 8,000 apartment homes. Our partnership with Griffis Residential will make Jetty’s financial services available to even more renters throughout Colorado, Nevada, Texas, California, and Washington.

“At Griffis, we strive to offer our residents an exceptional experience, from the initial interest in our properties, throughout their residency and move-out,” said Jami Pichot, VP of Operations. “Jetty’s financial tools to make it easier and more affordable for our residents to move in–it’s a great way to start a long-standing relationship.”

Griffis’ adoption of Jetty Deposit provides residents with access to apartments, without the need to pay a full security deposit upfront–freeing up cash to spend on other move-in expenses. To date, renters using Jetty Deposit have saved an average of $1,350 on move-in costs.

By lowering the barrier to entry, the property manager can fill units faster, while decreasing overhead cost and eliminating risk. It’s truly a model where everyone wins.

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